Mittwoch, 29. Mai 2013

The Mail Forwarding Advantage

Many clients request that we receive mail for their company and send it to them. Some clients who do not have a physical address or who travel extensively find our Mail Forwarding Service a great convenience. Please note that signing up for our mail forwarding service does not permit you to use our address on any  tax forms, license or applications or on your company’s web site. However, you may use our address on your letterhead and as a return address if you subscribe to this service.

The incoming mail is addressed to your company name at our address: No suite number or box number is assigned. Please Note: We accept only letter mail. Packages or boxes will be refused. 

Your data is kept confidential and is not released to third parties.

The Best German Mail Forwarding Service

WHO ARE WE? - we are

we are a United States based company with excellent contacts  in Germany, we work with a German consulting company together to provide you with the best service.  



  1. Mail forwarding is very beneficial to those clients who doesn't have any permanent physical address because they have to travel around the world due to their business,so we receive mail on their behalf and forward it to them.

  2. Great services provided by you, which is appreciable. As we are also working with Mailbox Forwarding Services.