Montag, 25. November 2013

Press Release to German Mail Forwarding Service

Are you doing business in Germany? Mail Forwarding Service Germany going online

The Mail Forwarding Advantage
If you are doing business in Germany you have the request that you receive mail for your company. But how do you get it to the place you are staying at the moment? Some people who do not have a physical address or who travel extensively find these German Mail Forwarding Service a great convenience. But please note that signing up for this mail forwarding service does not permit you to use our address on any tax forms, license or applications or on your company’s web site. However, you may use our address on your letterhead and as a return address if you subscribe to this service.
The incoming mail is addressed to your company name at your address: No suite number or box number is assigned. Please Note: The only accept letter mail. Packages or boxes will be refused. The best German Mail Forwarding Service, they promise that your data is kept confidential and it will not be released to third parties.
They are a United States based company with excellent contacts  in Germany,they work with a German consulting company together to provide you with the best service. They offer Domestic Mail Forwarding (within Germany) and International Mail Forwarding Service (outside Germany). If you ask yourself how it works? I can tell you it is simple and easy to use.
Weekly Forwards: All incoming business mail is collected, placed into a single envelope and forwarded at the end of a business week.
Postage Included: Postage fees are included into the service cost, except for over-sized packages.
Flexible Options: They offer affordable and flexible options to meet your needs based on your incoming mail.
so if you need more info, visit German Mail Forwarding Service
Company Name: Unternehmensberatung/Consulting
Email: Send Email
Phone: 004926036013438
Address:Lahnstrasse 55a
City: 56130 Bad Ems
Country: Germany


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